fragole coviro

Our history

From the beginning to now

COVIRO, based at Cervia, near Ravenna in ITALY, is an agricultural nursery company founded in 1978 that produces and sells certified plants for the fruit production sector.

The main nursery activity is the production of strawberry plants (cold-stored, fresh and plug plants) and asparagus crowns.

Since 1987, COVIRO has been an accredited multiplication centre for the voluntary national strawberry certification programme, and produce directly mother plants of the “Elite” category.

Since 2006, COVIRO, an associate of the CAV, has participated in a project for the certification of traceability in its production process.

It collaborates with several Italian and international agencies and scientific institutes in the management of experimental fields for the evaluation of the agronomic and commercial characteristics of new varieties, and is also the proprietor of numerous patents and multiplication licences for patented varieties.

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