fragole coviro

Our Varieties

Cold Storage Plants

This is the most popular plant among traditional cultivations. This plant grows in previously sterilized sandy grounds, the nurseries are transplanted in spring, after an 8-9 months’ vegetative period, and then rooted out during winter rest.

The plants, after a careful selection, are packaged and deep-frozen in a storage room, at -2°c, until they are planted.

Fresh Plants

The fresh plants are produced in specialized nurseries on high grounds (Spain) or in Central Europe (Poland), where the cold and early autumn starting in october determines an early interruption of the plant vegetative activity, with the possibility to root the plants out and just after a few days plant them directly in the field.

These plants are able to produce 2-3 months after being planted, with a long production and quality fruits. This type of plant is suitable only for warm meditteranean areas.

Plug Plants

This type of plant is used as an alternative to deep-frozen plants, only for some very vigorous varieties for early production. They are planted in august/beginning of september in the north Italy and in september-beginning of october in the South of Italy (available only under booking).

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